Russia says Aleppo combat suspended, residents say no let-up

The two met for about 45 minutes Wednesday evening in Hamburg, ahead of a two-day OSCE summit. Aleppo is being subjected to daily bombings and artillery attacks by the Syrian regime supported by Russian Federation and Iran, they said, adding that hospitals and schools "appear to be the targets of attack in an attempt to wear people down".

MI6 Leader Addresses Russian Involvement In Syria

World's most famous fictional spy James Bond with all his bravado, wit and oodles of charm would still not make the cut as a real world special agent, according to the new chief of Britain's secret service MI6.Chief of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service Alex Younger said that while Ian Fleming's famous character had helped popularise Britain's secret service brand, it bore no resemblance to reality.

South Korea to have an impeachment vote in 72 hours

South Korea to have an impeachment vote in 72 hours

Lawmakers and members of opposition parties hold cards during a rally demanding the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye at the National Assembly in Seoul, South Korea , Wednesday, Dec. According to reports, there may be enough Saenuri dissenters who would vote for it. Park said this week that she would accept the vote's outcome. Choi is the daughter of a man who ran a little-known religious sect and founded an anti-communist group that Park helped run.

Cuban-American vehicle dealer offers huge discounts to celebrate Castro's death

Bomnin arrived in the United States when he was 26, working odd jobs until he made a name for himself as a vehicle salesman, eventually owning a General Motors dealership. "For a long time US-Cuban policy hasn't been based on reason, it's been based on the ghosts of the past", said Klobuchar. Then-Cuban President Fidel Castro (L) and his brother Raul, Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, chat in Havana, during the last meeting of the Cuban Parliament on December 23, 2003.

UK govt agrees under pressure to divulge Brexit plan details

Last month the High Court agreed that the government can not trigger Article 50 of the EU's key treaty, launching two years of exit negotiations, without lawmakers' support. Barnier said Britain would not be allowed to "cherry-pick" what it likes about the European Union, noting that the bloc's "four freedoms" - the free movement of goods, services, capital and labor - are "indivisible".