Owen Smith suspends Labour leadership launch after Nice attacks

Owen Smith suspends Labour leadership launch after Nice attacks

Opponents of Jeremy Corbyn have accused the Labour leader of failing to protect them from intimidation, as a second MP launched a challenge for the leadership. His challengers needs the backing of 51 MPs or MEPs - 20% of the Parliamentary party - to stand. In addition, those signing up as supporters to get a vote will now have to pay £25 instead of the £3 that was charged last summer, when Jeremy Corbyn was elected.

Russian citizen and Russian expat presumably killed in Nice attack - foreign ministry

A forensic officer stands near a van with its windscreen riddled with bullets that plowed through a crowd of revelers who'd gathered to watch the fireworks in the French resort city of Nice. France had put intense security in place for Euro 2016, the worldwide soccer tournament that just ended. No major attacks occurred during the event.

Britain Set to Have Its Second Female Prime Minister

Britain Set to Have Its Second Female Prime Minister

The final vote is in the hands of 150,000 Conservative Party members. Gove was eliminated and the two women now have the chance to become the country's next prime minister. While May was a lukewarm Remain campaigner, eurosceptic Leadsom enjoys support from many in the Conservative party who campaigned to leave the EU.

Trump makes it official: Indiana Gov. Pence is his VP pick

Mike Pence as his running mate. In fact, the selection process appeared on the verge of sliding out of control in the final hours before the announcement, sparking speculation that Trump might be changing his mind. Jim Bopp, an influential conservative attorney who has previously advised Pence, said the delayed announcement "creates an enormous legal problem" for Pence, who is barred by IN law from seeking both offices.

First case of Zika spread by sex from woman to man

Based on this case, the CDC is revising its recommendations for how people can protect themselves from getting infected with the Zika virus through sexual contact. He saw the same doctor as her, who suspected she'd passed the illness to him sexually; the city's health department confirmed that suspicion. There had been previous confirmed cases of sexual transmission from men to women.

Warren, Hickenlooper visit Clinton's house

Warren, frequently touted as a pick who would help bring disenfranchised Bernie Sanders supporters on board, met Clinton for about an hour, Fox News learned. The meetings came as presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump announced Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, accompanied by Sen.