Tinder date gone wrong: Dog stolen in Leonia is found in Garfield

Tinder date gone wrong: Dog stolen in Leonia is found in Garfield

The 18-year-old called 911 after she realized the family's white Maltese, Maggie, was missing. Police are asking anyone who may have seen Maggie the dog to give them a call at 201-944-0800 or email . Thanks to the help from a local animal rescue group, Maggie was reunited with her owners Wednesday. And well, the men responsible for stealing the dog have not been found.

Pakistan rejects role of scapegoat for USA failures in Afghanistan

It further said that Pakistan is committed to working with the global community towards the common objective of defeating the forces of terrorism and to promote peace and stability in the South Asian region. It said Pakistan does not allow the use of its territory against any country. "What India is doing in Afghanistan is not a threat to Pakistan", National Security Council spokesperson Michael Anton told reporters on Tuesday.

China puts squeeze on North Korea as trade dries up

The Treasury claims the sanctions are in line with the internationally agreed measures against North Koreas missile and nuclear weapons programs. "Treasury will continue to increase pressure on North Korea by targeting those who support the advancement of nuclear and ballistic missile programs, and isolating them from the American financial system", Treasury Secretary Steven T.