South Korea PM egged in protest at US Thaad anti-missile system

But his speech was cut short by angry residents who pelted water bottles and eggs at the prime minister and his company, TV footage showed. The protesters also blocked the entrance to the government compound where Hwang was trapped with a tractor as security guards struggled to keep the crowd at bay.

Trump announces Indiana Governor Mike Pence as VP pick

He recently announced a $1 billion investment in state programs to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. One big name that won't be in the Republican mix is Pence's popular two-term predecessor, Mitch Daniels. He touted Indiana's economic growth under Pence. Haley supported U.S. Florida Sen. Indiana's labor-force participation hit 65.4 percent, its highest point since 2009, and well ahead of the national average.

Cabinet reshuffle: Gove, Hunt, Morgan, Whittingdale, Letwin sacked

Her first telephone call to a foreign leader was to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the most influential figure in the EU. The new post of global trade minister reflects the need to build stronger trade ties with non-EU countries such as China and India after the Brexit vote.

Johnson says Britain can have greater Europe role post-Brexit

Johnson says Britain can have greater Europe role post-Brexit

For one, there is a list of Boris blunders that have riled people on the global stage: Calling US President Barack Obama a "half-Kenyan" and Hillary Clinton a "sadistic nurse in a mental hospital"; penning a rude poem about Turkish president Erdogan; making a wild claim about China during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Boris Johnson is new UK Foreign Minister

The Rt Hon George Osborne MP has resigned from government", a Downing Street statement said on Wednesday evening. "I was in NY and some photographers were trying to take a picture of me and a girl walked down the pavement towards me and she stopped and she said, 'Gee is that Trump?' It was one of the worst moments".

Nice Death Toll Rises as France Mourns Deadly Truck Attack

Nice Death Toll Rises as France Mourns Deadly Truck Attack

No terror groups have taken credit for the attack, although ISIS-linked social media accounts have praised it. Al Qaeda has previously called on sympathizers to use trucks and cars to kill innocent civilians. The French leader met with security officials in the Elysee palace to consider what to do next. IS has repeatedly singled out France as a prime target for its military action against the group in Iraq and Syria, and hundreds of jihadists have left France to fight in its ranks.