Mayor impeached after announcing ban on straight people

Mayor impeached after announcing ban on straight people

Daniel said he was inspired by President Donald Trump's travel ban . Elijah Daniel's whirlwind time as mayor of Hell all started with a dream: to become a politician for no reason beyond kinda wanting to see how it would turn out. The straights coming into our town, procreating, having more straight children to take away our rightfully gay jobs. The heterosexuals were offered the choice to either leave the community or pay an $84,000 "reproductive precautionary deposit" which would be ...

Anti-Daesh Operation in Marawi Enters 'Final Stages' - Duterte

Anti-Daesh Operation in Marawi Enters 'Final Stages' - Duterte

Experts say the battle for Marawi has attracted would be jihadists from neighbouring countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as the Middle East. He estimated that 40 ISIS terrorists remain in Marawi. "Sometimes it's contradictory when they say there are only a few barangays (neighborhoods) that are controlled by the Maute Group, but still they can not stop", said Maria Ela Atienza, political science professor at University of the Philippines Diliman.

Japan condemns North Korea after launch of medium range ballistic missile

So the question is whether North Korea will put some checks on itself as it seeks to expand its weapons tests in the Pacific. Earlier, US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said the US was not out of diplomatic options with North Korea. It appears that North Korea is intent on upping the ante against the policies of America and South Korea, in relation to Washington's geopolitical objectives on the Korean Peninsula .

US, Allies in show of force after N. Korean missile launch

On August 25, North Korea had warned that Britain "faces a miserable end" if it becomes involved in the joint US-South Korean military exercises taking place in the South. China today also condemned "destructive" calls for further sanctions, warning Japan , the United States and Britain that diplomacy was needed to avert a crisis.

Mueller Has Original Letter Outlining Trump's Reasons to Can Comey

President Trump's lawyers have met several times with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and submitted memos outlining their arguments as to why President Trump didn't obstruct justice by firing former FBI Director James Comey , according to a Thursday report in the Wall Street Journal .

President Trump taps emergency USA oil reserve after Harvey

Worldwide benchmark Brent crude settled $1.52 higher, or 2.99 per cent, at $52.38 a barrel. He said supply may not be affected, but price will. The root of the price increase stems from the 15 refineries in South Texas that have sustained damage from Hurricane Harvey and remain closed.