German School In Turkey Bans Teachers From Even Mentioning Christmas

Reports that a German school in Turkey has banned Christmas celebrations - sparking widespread condemnation back home - are not true, according to the institution at the centre of the story. "Such false reports do nothing for Turkey-Germany relations", he said. Several politicians believe the decision is tied to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's reforms to making Turkey more Islamic.

Hundreds of Santa Maria families receive toys, food from Salvation Army

Now, the program has expanded across the country as part of the Salvation Army's Christmas programs. According to Captain Kim Stambaugh of the Salvation Army, over 1,700 children will benefit from the toy drive this Christmas. With the help of volunteers, thousands of toys were passed out that had been collected since the second week of November. Where I can do what I can do for my son and my family.

Samantha Bee and Glenn Beck Join Forces to Fight Trump

He insisted that the Black Lives Matter movement has a valid point. "My audience hates your guts more", Bee persisted. Although there was obvious tension, both Bee and Beck seemed to agree that now was the time to reach across the aisle and find common ground.

Sturgeon seeks more powers for Scotland as part of Brexit plan

Sturgeon seeks more powers for Scotland as part of Brexit plan

Comparing the proposals to single market arrangements by non-EU countries such as Norway, she suggested Scotland and the UK's arrangement would be "different in detail and scale [.] but not different in principle". "Being part of the European Single Market is vital for Scotland's future economic wellbeing", said Sturgeon , according to the Press Association.

Andrea Bocelli Won't Perform At Trump's Inauguration, Sad!

Andrea Bocelli Won't Perform At Trump's Inauguration, Sad!

But the media has reduced this year's to a B-list side gig that only desperate artists would dare to play at. Andrea Bocelli, the famed Italian tenor who was slated to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration January 20, is now dropping the gig amid backlash from fans, Page Six reported Tuesday.

Lorry hits Berlin Christmas market in suspected attack

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said the suspect is from Pakistan and entered Germany on December 31, arriving in Berlin in February. It smashed through the market, going 60 to 80 meters (200 to 260 feet) before finally coming to a halt. There were also reports that the man found dead in the truck, believed to be a Polish man who was originally driving it, had been shot.