Jordan arrests man suspected of funding Karak attack

Jordan arrests man suspected of funding Karak attack

It also warned against circulating false news, rumors or videos on social networks, which could harm the security campaign, demanding that the media rely only on official sources for information. At least one gunman was killed in the operation alongside the four policemen and at least 11 people, mostly security personnel, were wounded in the clashes which were still going on, a security source said.

UN Security Council Asks Gambian President to Leave

U.S. envoy to the UN Samantha Power praised the ambassadors, but warned they were being "silenced and recalled to Banjul". The UN also said Jammeh must carry out a peaceful and orderly transition process and transfer power to President-elect, Adama Barrow by January 19, 2017, in accordance with the Gambia's Constitution.

Trump Dines With Campaign Trail Target And Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim

Donald Trump on Tuesday acknowledged that he met with Carlos Slim, saying the Mexican billionaire whom he attacked on the campaign trail is a "great guy". Trump had accused Slim of launching a media smear campaign against him through his ties to The New York Times and other companies. Trump also pointed to Slim's previous donations to the Clinton Foundation, the charitable foundation of his opponent's family.

Turkish Army: 138 terrorists neutralized in Syria

The Amaq news agency, affiliated to IS, said a suicide attack was carried out against the Syrian rebels and Turkish troops west of al-Bab, without giving further details. The Turkish air force meanwhile struck 47 IS targets around Al Bab, killing more than 45 jihadists, Anadolu said. The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) killed 138 Daesh terrorists during clashes and destroyed a total of 67 Daesh targets including pickup trucks equipped with heavy machine guns in airstrikes, the statement added.

Three Suspected Terrorists Shot Dead in South Tangerang Raid

Three Suspected Terrorists Shot Dead in South Tangerang Raid

Police said a total of five bombs were found at the house in South Tangerang. After being confronted by Indonesian police's anti-terror squad and refusing to surrender, all three men were killed in a gunfight, ABC News reported Wednesday.

Aleppo girl whose tweets touched world safe after evacuation

The president hugs Bana and her brother as his wife Emine Erdogan looks on, smiling. The youngster was reportedly unable to understand why the world seemed to be ignoring her struggles, and to give her daughter a voice, Fatemah chose to create a Twitter account for her.