Berlin attack: 'Four arrested' after Christmas market killings

Berlin attack: 'Four arrested' after Christmas market killings

The horrific attack that took lives of at least 12 people and left dozens injured was allegedly conducted by one of Daesh's operatives. Around 8 p.m. Twelve people were killed and 48 were injured after a truck plowed into a crowd in the German capital on Monday. A potential suspect was arrested after the incident, but authorities soon hedged at the possibility that the man, an asylum seeker from Pakistan, was responsible for it.

Donald Trump says America MUST ramp up NUCLEAR ARSENAL

On Thursday the state department declined to comment on whether Trump's tweet called his temperament into question. "In this sense Russian Federation is one step ahead of the United States". power. "Pouring more gasoline on the fire is exactly the opposite of what is needed". Maintaining and modernising the arsenal is expected to cost about $1tn over 30 years.

Russian Hackers Tracked Ukrainian Artillery Units

This new evidence seems to confirm those suspicions, the report stated. The mobile malware used in the op is a variant of a remote access tool used against the Democratic National Committee, according to CrowdStrike . Russian officials have repeatedly denied accusations of hacking. It seems as if the world hasn't moved much since then, as the Democrats claim that Russian hacking has won Donald Trump the election, or at least were trying to nudge it towards someone that would be less ...

Fireworks explosion kills at least 31 in Mexico

At a distance, it could be seen that a chain-like explosion happened in the fireworks stalls, sending many people running in frantic. A man uses a water hose amid debris from an explosion at the San Pablito fireworks market in Tultepec, Mexico, Dec.

Canadian cat deported after 'stupid' smuggling attempt

She declared dirty boots to biosecurity officials at Auckland Airport yesterday but failed to mention her feline friend. The couple - both in their 20s - were picked out for an inspection and the woman was "very reluctant" to have her handbag examined by an X-ray machine, officials said.