UK's May removes another Cameron supporter as minister

It added that Kerry and Johnson agreed that the special relationship between their countries "is as essential as ever". Prime Minister Theresa May has named Liam Fox Britain's new minister for worldwide trade. Allies of the former Prime Minister, who had seen Mrs May as the "Cameron continuity candidate", were dismayed as his successor wielded the knife. That will go to a dedicated "minister for Brexit".

Cameron makes digs at Labour in final PMQs

Cameron had previously said he would step down as leader after his pro-European Union side lost in the recent referendum on whether Britain should exit the E.U. But the two party leaders ended on a warm note, as Mr Corbyn paid tribute to Mr Cameron's wife, Samantha, who was watching events in the Commons public gallery with their children.

Corbyn backer switches allegiance to challenger Owen Smith

Meanwhile, the party has reportedly closed a loophole over the upcoming election which would have allowed recent members of unions to vote in a leadership election. THE Labour Party is heading for a disastrous split, leadership challenger Owen Smith is to warn today . However, he says he has lost "faith and confidence" in Mr Corbyn's ability to lead the party effectively and attacked some of the leader's allies, labelling them "part of the problem".

Ginsburg continues criticism of Trump, and he fires back

The furor over Ginsburg's comments comes as Trump prepares for the Republicans' July 18-21 convention that will formally nominate him as the party's presidential candidate for the November 8 election. Ginsburg is the oldest of the justices. Despite what Trump believes, Ginsburg has given no indication she's getting out of the ring. Ginsberg reflected that her late husband would say that it was time for them to move to New Zealand based off of the current political climate.

New UK leader May wields cabinet axe to prepare for Brexit

Theresa May became Britain's new prime minister on Wednesday, succeeding David Cameron, who resigned after his country voted in a referendum to leave the EU. He said he hoped he was leaving "a stronger country, a thriving economy and more chances to get on in life". May has given him the chance to live up to his potential or to fail spectacularly.