US Backs Off Bid to Reopen CIA 'Black Site' Prisons, Officials Say

Haspel, unlike Pompeo, boasts vast experience. She also ran the CIA's secret prison in Thailand where terror suspects were "subjected to waterboarding and other harsh techniques". "I don't necessarily agree", said Mr Trump. The 60-year-old has worked as an intelligence officer for the majority of her career and was believed to be present in the torture of at least two suspected al-Qaida members Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahim al Nashiri, according to an investigation by the U.S.

Ford Shipping F-150 Raptors to China

Ford also mated the Raptor's 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 with a quick-shifting 10-speed automatic gearbox to keep the twin-turbo engine right in its power band, and thanks to aluminum construction, the new model is around 500 lbs lighter than its predecessor.

Percent Approve of the Job Trump Is Doing as President

Percent Approve of the Job Trump Is Doing as President

Early in the GOP primary, the mogul fell head over heels for such surveys - but by the general election, infatuation had given way to a tumultuous, love-hate affair . Gallup's survey comes amid certain criticisms of Trump's government so far. Quinnipiac University conducted the poll between January 5 and January 9, weeks before President Donald Trump issued the recent executive orders, ordering "new vetting measures" to keep "radical Islamic terrorists" out of the United States.

Jews give Muslims key to their synagogue after town's only mosque burnt

Jews give Muslims key to their synagogue after town's only mosque burnt

Robert Loeb , the B'nai president, told The Forward why they gave them their key: "Everyone knows everybody, I know several members of the mosque, and we felt for them". On Sunday, the Victoria community held an interfaith event in front of the mosque. An investigation by the Victoria Fire Marshal's Office is still ongoing, with officials looking into whether a burglary at the mosque on 22 January could be significant.

Tom Brady Holds Back Tears While Answering 7-Year-Old Fan's Question

Some argue that Joe Montana and his 4-0 Super Bowl record holds that title. "It's very interesting to me how they like to dictate who Tom Brady can and can't be friends with, and then they compare that with somebody kneeling for the national anthem, disrespecting not only the nation but those who have fought and died for this nation".

Barack Obama spotted chillin' on British Virgin Islands with Branson

Barack and Michelle are now enjoying a holiday at Branson's Necker Island retreat, having arrived in the BVI on Branson's private jet. While we've gotten used to seeing Barack in a white button-down and slacks, the politico traded in his presidential duds for a black T-shirt, black shorts, black flip flops, and a black backwards baseball if to say 'New year, who dis?'.