Iran stunned by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's announcement he is running for president again

So far, 126 Iranians have filed the necessary papers to enter the race. At a press conference shortly after registering, Ahmadinejad called Khamenei's comments "just advice", and described his move as helping Baghaei. Ahmadinejad's candidacy also comes as Trump has threatened a reappraisal of Iran's nuclear deal and as fissures still linger inside Iran after his contested 2009 re-election, which brought massive unrest.

Palestinian stabs UK woman in Jerusalem amid Easter fetes

Palestinian stabs UK woman in Jerusalem amid Easter fetes

She was attacked while she travelled on a light rail train near the Old City , which was packed as Christians celebrated Good Friday and Jews marked Passover. The Israeli Embassy in the United Kingdom confirmed the victim was British. According to the agency, Tamimi was convicted of sexually abusing his daughter in 2011 and attempted to commit suicide this year by swallowing a razor blade.

Syrians stuck around Aleppo as evacuation deal stalls

The state TV channel said the vehicle was carrying food aid but a rebel spokesman said the auto had been parked in the area and abandoned. According to the news service, state television aired images of buses "charred" and "gutted" by the blast and bodies lying near the site of the attack.

Civilians and Fighters Begin Evacuation of Besieged Syrian Towns

The major blast hit a bus depot in a rebel-controlled area where residents of pro-government towns have arrived late Friday. The population transfer deal has been criticized by opponents as forced displacement and was not overseen by the United Nations.

More than 100 killed in Syria blast, say White Helmets

More than 100 killed in Syria blast, say White Helmets

It was not immediately clear if al-Hakim was the same French national US officials said was killed in an airstrike in Syria in November 2016. Rescuers say at least 100 people were killed from opposition and government supporters. He accused the government or extremist rebel groups of orchestrating the attack to discredit the opposition. This frame grab from video provided by the Thiqa News Agency, shows rebel gunmen at the site of a blast that damaged several buses and vans at the ...

Four officials injured in Afghanistan attack

Deptula, Cancian and USA military officials said the United States has an even larger bomb in its inventory - the 14,000kg GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP), which would be more effective against North Korea's nuclear test site, given its ability to penetrate reinforced concrete and anti-blast steel doors.