Turkish military says armed forces have 'fully seized control' of country

President Erdogan issued no statements in the early hours of the coup, leading to suspicions he had been taken prisoner. The Turkish authorities have made clear they will show no mercy in the wake of the coup, accusing the plotters of acting on behalf of Erdogan's arch enemy, the US-based preacher Fethullah Gulen.

Turkey quashes coup; President Erdogan vows 'heavy price' for plotters

Turkey quashes coup; President Erdogan vows 'heavy price' for plotters

In a separate comment, Prime Minister Yildirim said that any country that stands by Gulen would be considered at war with Turkey . With at least 2,839 soldiers already detained in a relentless round-up over the coup plot, the authorities blamed the conspiracy on Erdogan's arch enemy, the US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen.

Qandeel Baloch laid to rest in ancestral village

The 26-year-old actor-cum-model was killed in central district of Multan, police said on Saturday. Model Qandeel Baloch has been laid to rest in Dera Ghazi Khan after her funeral prayers were offered in Shah Sadar Din area on Sunday. The controversial model's brother had been threatening her over Facebook posts and messages, police officials were quoted saying. Some of Baloch's more notorious acts included volunteering to perform a striptease for the Pakistani cricket team, and ...

Trade deals with USA and Australia lined up

But, in 2014 he criticised current Chancellor Angel Merkel for not supporting Britain when it opposed the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker as head of the European Commission, saying she compared poorly to former Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher.

Turkey arrests 100 judges, 60 military for alleged coup ties

Turkey arrests 100 judges, 60 military for alleged coup ties

Fethullah Gulen, who is based in the United States , has been blamed for organising the attempted military coup. Erdogan said he had warned President Barack Obama that Gulen was trying to destabilize Turkey. The Alliance for Shared Values on Developments in Turkey also released a statement denying Gulen's involvement. KATHMANDU: Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday said Nepalis living in Turkey were safe and cautioned them not to move out in the volatile situation.

Conservative Leadership Election Campaign Notes Photographed On Tube

Fellow Leave campaigner Leadsom came second with 84 votes with May the clear favourite on 199 votes among MPs. The victor will replace David Cameron, who announced he would step down following last month's referendum for the United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union.