Rodrigo Duterte Sworn-in as Philippine President

The baker said he would give 50 slices twice a month through Duterte's term to those who register online, a Facebook post that was liked more than 26,000 times. In a way, we have seen a slightly different Duterte during the inauguration and in the first few activities he graced from the one we became used to seeing during the campaign and the days after he was officially declared victor in the May 9 presidential polls.

'Ghostbusters' scares up solid $46 million opening

Which is really unfair, if you ask me. Surprisingly, one area where the movie stumbles is in its reverence for Ivan Reitman's original " Ghostbusters ". If that's not enough, the sliming is repeated twice more in the first act, as if the movie's goop budget exceeded the salaries of its writers. The Ghostbusters reboot is finally upon us, and it turns out that it's not that bad at all , which is something that will probably dishearten some tiny minded die-hards of the original.

On eve of convention, an underwhelming rollout of GOP ticket

Pence wasn't even on stage while Trump was reading his written remarks. "I also admire the fact that he fights for the people and he also is going to fight for you". Trump tweeted his running mate decision Friday and announced the Saturday event, saying he was "pleased" to have the IN governor join him on the ticket.

More than 160 dead, almost 3000 detained after Turkey's attempted military coup

Turkey's main opposition parties, too, condemned the attempted overthrow of the government. He later told reporters that he thinks the coup could have been staged. "Deliver this man who lives in Pennsylvania to Turkey ". Mr Erdogan has become increasingly authoritarian and is trying to turn himself into a strong executive president.

Washington's Holocaust Museum seeking Pokestop delisting

Pokemon Go - having become a global phenomenon in just days - is set to make big money but is also creating controversy. Pokemon GO fans have been told not to play in the game in US Holocaust Museum . However, these PokeStops are now raising issues as it mostly located in unexpected and popular places, like Westboro Baptist Church, White House, Pentagon, Police Station in Australia and Holocaust Museum.

Northern Ireland 'strengthened by David Cameron era' - says David Cameron

Now Mrs May, the UK's second female leader after fellow Conservative Margaret Thatcher, will begin the work of picking her first Cabinet. "It has not been an easy journey and of course we have not got every decision right, but I do believe that our country is much stronger", he said.