Clashes erupt at 'mother of all protests' in Venezuela

At least five deaths and hundreds of arrests have been blamed on the response to paralyzing protests that were triggered by the Supreme Court's shock decision three weeks ago to strip the opposition-controlled legislature of its last remaining powers.

Hollande cast vote in first round of French presidential election

Le Pen hopes to pull France out of the European Union and its shared euro currency — a blow that would be far worse than Britain's exit and could spell death for the EU, the euro and the whole idea of European unity borne from the blood of World War II.

Lower unemployment rate reflects increase of 800 local jobs

Employment in the professional and business services industry recorded the largest private industry gain over the month with 13,200 jobs added. One area of concern, the report shows, is a decline of 200 jobs in construction, which is also one of the few employment sectors which is also lower than it was past year at the same time.

Trump greets Egyptian-American freed from Egyptian detention

Hijazi had been detained in Egypt on child abuse charges, though the validity of those charges was heavily questioned by human rights workers. Hijazi, who is a dual citizen of the US and Egypt, ran an orphanage for children in Egypt with her husband.

Voting begins in French presidential election

With Le Pen wanting France to leave the European Union and Macron wanting even closer co-operation among the bloc's 28 nations, Sunday's outcome means the May 7 runoff will have undertones of a referendum on France's European Union membership.