North Korea to extradite plot culprits

Seasoned officers from across the agency will gather to bring their "expertise and creativity" to bear against the North Korea target, the CIA said in a statement. "We have to have nuclear power". "They can not actually attack the strong countries, although they talk about it", he later added. North Korea says it will seek the extradition of anyone involved in an alleged plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un.

Trump, Turnbull in healthcare controversy

Trump, Turnbull in healthcare controversy

He argued the USA should remain with a private system, but he knows that those systems work and likes the fact that they provide universal coverage. "I shouldn't say this to our great gentleman and my friend from Australia", Trump said, "because you have better healthcare than we do".

Australian IS terrorist could be extradited from Turkey

Australian IS terrorist could be extradited from Turkey "within months": PM

Speaking on the Seven Network on Friday morning, Turnbull said he expects the extradition process to occur "within months" pending cooperation by Turkish authorities. "Neil Prakash, who has been one of the key financiers or organisers in IS, the barbaric terrorist group, will be brought back to Australia and he will face the courts", Turnbull said in an interview with Channel 7.

Guns for the Syrian Kurds

Turkey wants the arms agreement reversed. Talal Sillo, a commander with SDF, said no weapons have yet been delivered to the group but that the US-led coalition had said that fast delivery was expected from weapons already in Syria with the global coalition.

Valls Supports Macron's Movement

The poor result triggered a fierce debate within the party on the opportunity of sticking to the left platform defended by Hamon, or to switch back to the more centrist views of Valls and his allies. Macron's victory has been hailed as a major setback for the wave of far-right populism spreading through Europe . Addressing his supporters in the grand courtyard of the Louvre , Macron said he would defend France and Europe.

Trump Starts Expelling Michelle Obama's School Lunch Rules

Trump Starts Expelling Michelle Obama's School Lunch Rules

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue is planning an announcement Monday afternoon about new rules that provide "regulatory flexibility". Previous requirements, put in place in 2012, at the recommendation of former first lady Michele Obama to help fight childhood obesity, called for low-salt meals, with raw vegetables, fresh fruit and whole grains , and limited processed foods to be served.