Brexit Bulletin: It's Theresa May's Day

The military aid Britain now provides to Kenya and EU support for military operations by the African Union, for example in Somalia, may not be there in the same measure. And he is preparing to visit the USA to make sure Britain is not at the back of the queue in trade talks as President Barack Obama suggested before the referendum .

Theresa May becomes United Kingdoms second woman Prime Minister

Theresa May becomes United Kingdoms second woman Prime Minister

The queen will ask May, who was elected the leader of the ruling Conservative Party on Monday, to form a government before traveling to Downing Street as prime minister . "We will work constructively with the newly elected British government in these hard times, as we have in the past", the German politician said in a statement.

Pakistan to observe 'Black Day' in solidarity with J&K

A day after India India said Pakistan is not only pushing in terrorists but also fanning discontent within the Kashmir valley by providing support to terrorist outfits, Islamabad today further needled India on the Kashmir issue.

More than 6000 arrested after Turkey coup attempt, says justice minister

Another senior official has directly blamed the United States . Rather than toppling him, the attempted coup that left some 265 dead and 1,440 wounded appears to have bolstered Erdogan's popularity and grip on power. It is unclear who was behind the coup. The Pentagon said it was trying to get permission to resume air operations from the base, while adjusting mission operations in the meantime.

Republicans are Bailing on GOP Convention

Trump, while others are lining up with the same enthusiasm they have given GOP nominees back to Ronald Reagan. Whether he's is elected or not, we're now, as a country, asking Donald Trump serious questions about matters of huge societal import.

Michael Gove voted out of Conservative leadership race

Michael Gove voted out of Conservative leadership race

The contest between Mrs May and Mrs Leadsom will mean that the country will have a female premier for just the second time, following Margaret Thatcher. Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom are going head to head to succeed David Cameron after justice secretary Michael Gove was knocked out of the contest, it emerged last night.