United States president expresses desire to improve relations with Russian Federation

Secretary Tillerson has now met with Lavrov twice , once in Moscow and now again in Washington, D.C., but this meeting was the first time that the president actually met face-to-face with the top Russian diplomat. Lavrov said that despite difficulties "our countries can and should contribute jointly to the settlement of the most urgent issues in global affairs".

Results of exclusive nationwide survey of general election voting intentions

UKIP seem to be the big losers, with 13 per cent saying they backed the party in 2015 but only 7 per cent planning to do so next month. Labour's manifesto was not expected to be made public until next week. It also said it would not accept a "no deal" from the European Union, criticising May's stance that "no deal was better than a bad deal" at the end of Brexit negotiations.

House Russia investigators get second crack at Comey

The FBI, which is supposed to remain politically neutral, said a few days later that the new emails did not change its decision not to recommend criminal charges against Clinton, but many Democrats believe the political damage was done. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., who separated previous year from top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Comey has become an nearly equally divisive figure for Republicans and Democrats for his impact on the elections.

Trump greets Russian diplomat at center of spying allegations

Trump greets Russian diplomat at center of spying allegations

Former American intelligence officials are criticizing TASS's ability to enter the White House as a potential major security breach, according to a report by The Washington Post . Indeed, Trump and Tillerson appeared to have decided that, while relations were going to remain hard, "Syria was the one issue they could try to use to turn the relationship around", says Dr.

Korean president hints at scrapping deal with Japan over sexual slavery

He also recently called on South Korea to pay one billion dollars for the USA missile defense system now being deployed to the Korean peninsula. Moon explained the difficulties faced by South Korean companies that are doing business in China and asked for Xi's "special attention" to ease those concerns, Yoon said.

Germany's Gabriel says agrees with Turkish PM on need to improve ties

Germany's Gabriel says agrees with Turkish PM on need to improve ties

There are concerns that the Turkish authorities might use the death penalty as punishment for terror offenses of which a large number of soldiers, civil servants and journalists have been convicted. "We usually don't answer hypothetical questions but this question is unfortunately, unfortunately not so hypothetical as it is being discussed in Turkey ", Merkel stated.