Reactions Mixed On New U.S. Tariffs On Canadian Lumber

The premier says the dispute is similar to country-of-origin labelling which the USA tried to impose on meat, an issue which nearly started a trade war and caused global court fights. Lumber Association. They also discussed lumber coming into the United States. Clark said during an election campaign it's important not to provoke the USA with rash talk.

Kiwi schoolboy takes Anzac Day peace protesters to task

Thousands of people in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand attended dawn services and military parades on Tuesday to commemorate ANZAC Day, the Gallipoli landings during the First World War and the infamous Thai-Burma death railway of the Second World War.

Le Pen sees French presidential vote 'surprise'

Le Pen's desire to see France shelve the euro and offer a referendum on leaving the European Union constitutes a "nightmare scenario", the high finance world has repeatedly warned. He came away with 23.8 percent of the vote, the most of any candidate. He said they express a choice "outside the system". Investors' fears over this shift have been tempered, however, by the fact that her main rival Martin Schulz is a staunch pro-European and the populist AfD party has registered the biggest ...

Japanese destroyers start drill with USA carrier Carl Vinson

South Korea also said it was considering drills with the carrier group, which is now conducting joint exercises with Japan in the Philippine Sea. The Trump administration has been trying to clear the waters after sending out confusing messages concerning the whereabouts of the Vinson carrier group that supposedly was steaming toward North Korea last week.

Stock markets rally with Emmanuel Macron in lead to be French president

Stock markets rally with Emmanuel Macron in lead to be French president

Mr Macron and Ms Le Pen will take part in a televised debate on 3 May - four days before the run-off vote , according to the AFP news agency. It comes after the Dutch rejected the nationalist far-right and the likelihood that a centre-right or centre-left party will win the German elections in September.

New home buyers will pay for that new Canadian lumber tariff

He says he's not anxious about sparking a trade war with Canada but says it has "outsmarted our politicians for many years". In a way, the tensions are surprising. Froman suggested that they calculated that they might get a better deal from Trump. The softwood lumber dispute between Washington and Ottawa has seen many twists and turns for almost 35 years, with United States producers accusing their Canadian counterparts of exporting lumber at subsidized prices, harming American businesses.