Trump reverses views on Russia, China

During the campaign, Trump had often claimed that China was manipulating its currency to boost exports, costing the United States manufacturing jobs. A currency manipulator designation is largely symbolic and starts negotiations between the USA and any country determined to be manipulating its exchange rate.

Protesters in Texas demand release of Trump tax returns

Ilene Singh said she and her friend, Geraldine Markowitz, took a bus from New Jersey to join the crowd and "say we care" about Trump's taxes. "We have the right to know whether our president is personally profiting from his policies". "Another motivation for coming out is that it seems to get to him", said Wallas, 31, of Angelino Heights. Pushing her walker, Karin Arlin, 85, a Holocaust survivor who came to the US from Germany when she was 9, said she's also anxious about the direction of ...

Rebel group decries Syria blast, seeks probe

A major Syrian rebel group says many of its members were killed in a blast that hit an evacuation gathering point of government supporters, saying it will cooperate with an global probe to determine the culprits. They were evacuating under a deal contingent on residents of two pro-rebel towns being allowed to evacuate. The Syrian government and the opposition have begun a coordinated population swap of tens of thousands of people from four besieged towns.

Holy fire ceremony in Jerusalem draws thousands

On this day the Holy Fire descends from the skies above the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem into the hands of the Patriarch of Jerusalem . Every year, Orthodox priests emerge from an antechamber with a fire lit from the tomb of Jesus. The Holy Fire symbolizes the miraculous light of the Resurrection of Christ and is considered a shrine for Christians. The main torch is delivered to Patriarch Kirill, the Russian Orthodox patriarch, as he conducts the Easter service at Christ the Savior Cathedral ...

Syrian Dictator: Photos Of Children Killed In Chemical Attack Are Fake

Syrian Dictator: Photos Of Children Killed In Chemical Attack Are Fake

Asked by AFP TV who was responsible for the claimed attack, he said: "It's not clear whether it happened or not, because how can you verify a video?" Syrian authorities - "abetted by Russia's continuing efforts to bury the truth" - still possess and use chemical weapons, an American diplomat told the worldwide chemical weapons watchdog on Thursday.

'Bunnies are not for Easter' warns Eden charity

'Bunnies are not for Easter' warns Eden charity

The count of dead rabbits in the annual Great Easter Bunny Hunt is due. Hundreds of others are taken to other shelters or turned loose in the wild once owners realize the responsibility of caring for the creature, they say. "The Louisiana SPCA encourages parents to take a moment and consider the realities of living with a rabbit before making that important decision to bring one into your home".