Abe, Pence confirm solid alliance to counter N. Korea

Kim said the DPRK's policy is shaped by the Trump administration's push for "high intensity sanctions" against the country, deploying tactical nuclear weapons in South Korea and launching military action aimed at "beheading" the North's leadership headed by Kim Jong Un.

Observer says suspicion over 2.5 million Turkish referendum votes

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose Justice and Development Party (AKP) penned and campaigned for a "Yes" vote, has already claimed victory and later received a congratulatory phone call from US President Donald Trump. On Monday, the Turkish president responded to the OSCE, saying that he " did not see, hear or acknowledge " their reports, while telling the global observers to " know their place ".

Mike Pence: It's time for North Korea to 'get the message'

Trump wrote Sunday on Twitter that China was working with the United States on "the North Korea problem". Mr Pence arrived in Seoul on Sunday hours after North Korea carried out a failed missile launch. But the U.S. is also working with China, North Korea's main ally, to pressure the regime to stop nuclear and missile tests. Mr Pence told journalists that the White House hoped China would use its "extraordinary levers" to pressure North Korea, the Associated Press reports.

United Kingdom election will determine future direction of Scotland - Sturgeon

Standing outside her Downing Street office, May said she had been reluctant about asking parliament to back her move to bring forward the election from 2020, but decided it was necessary to win support for her ruling Conservative Party's efforts to press ahead with Britain's departure from the EU.

China says US wants diplomatic solution to North Korea standoff

Regarding Kim Jong-un's recent display of military bravado , Trump, as is his custom, refused to tell Fox whether he'd order a strike on North Korea, saying: "I'm not like other administrations where they say, 'We're going to do this in four weeks.' It doesn't work that way".

Trump Tells North Korea's Kim Jong Un He Must 'Behave'

Pence said that President Trump has made it clear that the USA has run out of patience when it comes to North Korea. But Trump has also shown willingness to link trade to other issues, saying he would cut a better trade deal with China if it exerts influence on North Korea to curb its nuclear ambitions.