Macron names half of parliamentary candidates from civil society

Macron names half of parliamentary candidates from civil society

Winning the most seats in Parliament will be no mean feat for En Marche! , which is less than a year old and is scrambling to finalize its list of candidates to contest all 577 seats. Among those who won't be on the party slate is former Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who resigned in December to make a failed bid to become the presidential candidate of his Socialist Party.

Hamas elects Haniyeh as political head

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed two US media outlets - CNN and The New York Times - for disseminating false reports about a document from Hamas, the largest of several Palestinian militant Islamist groups. It has also dropped explicit language calling for Israel's destruction, though it retains the goal of eventually "liberating" all of historic Palestine, which includes what is now Israel.

Senate Republicans could keep the Obamacare taxes they bashed for years

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday reiterated that a repeal of the health care law would be the top issue in the Senate for weeks. Following the appointment 13 Republican men to a selected working group on health care, Democrats grilled the GOP publicly for not including any women.

Indian diplomat caught taking pictures in Islamabad High Court

Indian diplomat caught taking pictures in Islamabad High Court

Tahir Ali claimed that some misunderstanding has been created and he wants to meet Uzma to clear that. Uzma, a 20-year-old woman from Delhi, has taken refuge in the Indian high commission in Islamabad after alleging that Tahir Ali, a resident of Khyber-Pakthunkhwa province, forced her into marriage at gunpoint and then sexually and physically abused her.

North Korea calls US-South Korea plot a 'declaration of war'

Last week, North Korea's Ministry of State Security, its equivalent to the Central Intelligence Agency, accused the Central Intelligence Agency and NIS of infiltrating the North to commit "state-sponsored terrorism" against Kim Jong-un, trying to assassinate him with a chemical weapon.

Archbishop of Canterbury to pray for Trump 'courage' on Middle East visit

Once elected, Trump appointed as United States ambassador to Israel his bankruptcy lawyer, David Friedman, who has a long history of supporting right-wing Israeli causes (even donating to a West Bank settlement). "Of course I remember what I said about Jerusalem", Trump said at the time . To explain the "rationale" behind this contradiction, however, he argues that Israel's concerns over security and the Palestinians' long-term objective to destroy the state, compels Israel to maintain its ...