May in bid to woo working class Labour voters

Mr Corbyn, who has a long record of outspoken criticism of British and United States military interventions, including in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, will say the UK's interests are best served by pursuing peace. The discussion lasted for nearly four hours and saw a number of changes made to the draft that, by the time of the meeting, had already been comprehensively documented in the media.

Why Did Trump Fire Comey?

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, testifying in place of Mr Comey at the Senate Intelligence Committee, contradicted Mr Trump's appraisal of turmoil at the FBI, saying that Mr Comey had " broad support " from the rank and file "and still does to this day".

PSU Students React After Fraternity and Members Charged With Death

The statement explains, "The goal of the gauntlet is to get the pledges drunk in a very short amount of time ". A forensic analysis of one cellphone revealed a series of internet searches, including "falling asleep after head injury" and "a person with a serious head injury or concussion should be kept awake".

Russian Foreign Minister Jokes About Comey Firing

Russian Foreign Minister Jokes About Comey Firing

Comey cast a shadow over his visit. Earlier Wednesday, Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Putin, said the firing of the Federal Bureau of Investigation director was an internal us matter that had "nothing to do" with Russian Federation. "The United States and Russian Federation agreed to continue discussions to resolve other issues of bilateral concern, including strategic stability", the release stated.

France's new president to meet Merkel next week

The 39-year-old is fresh from defeating far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in one of France's most historic elections - but the hard work is just starting for Macron. "I signed up right from the beginning", said Jean-Baptiste Moreau, a 40-year-old farmer who is contesting a seat in the Creuse region of central France where he lives.