Man killed 3 on street, says he 'hates white people'

Dyer said Tuesday s victims were white males - as was the security guard - and one was shot while sitting in the passenger seat of a truck. Police had put out a news release hours before the shootings Tuesday, saying that Muhammad was armed and unsafe and wanted in the shooting death of a security guard at a Motel 6 last week.

General Election 2017: Anne Main welcomes snap election

In 2015, it was the loss of the two seats of Eastbourne and Lewes by the Lib Dems to the Conservatives that helped bolster David Cameron's wafer-thin majority. May said that if there is not an election soon, "the negotiations with the European Union will reach their most hard stage in the run-up to the next scheduled election".

France foils 'imminent, violent' attack ahead of presidential vote

The Paris chief prosecutor added that a machine gun, two handguns and three kilograms of triacetone triperoxide (TATP) explosive were seized at one of the men's apartments. Security surrounding the elections and the candidates has been increased. Emmanuel Macron , the 39-year-old pro-European candidate, appears to have the best chance of beating Le Pen in a run-off.

Labour 'campaigning to win', says Jeremy Corbyn amid General Election move

The SNP has signalled its MPs will abstain in the vote, but Labour and the Liberal Democrats have welcomed the early election. "What I will say is, of course I reflect on issues - I reflect on decisions we've made". Labour has launched a policy blitz over the past fortnight, including giving free school meals to all primary school pupils and restating commitments, including raising the minimum wage to £10 an hour by 2020 for over-18s, keeping the triple-lock on pensions and cracking down on ...

EU's Brexit plans unchanged by United Kingdom vote: Spokesman

EU's Brexit plans unchanged by United Kingdom vote: Spokesman

With the Labour opposition weakened, May's gamble will probably pay off with an enhanced Conservative majority in Parliament - but it's unlikely to unite a country deeply split over the decision to quit the EU. Deutsche Bank, one the world's biggest sterling bears, said May's election call was a "game-changer" for the currency, and that it would raise its forecasts for the pound in the coming days.

Two suspected radicals allegedly preparing

Two suspected radicals allegedly preparing "imminent" attack arrested in France

Fekl gave no details about potential targets or motives, and it was unclear whether the attack could have targeted a campaign event. In fact, the photos of the two suspects were recently sent to the security services of the electoral candidates, while published data indicate that the risks were greater in the case of the right-wing François Fillon.