President Trump: James Comey Was a 'Showboat' and 'Grandstander'

Initial comments on Comey's firing from the White House pinned the President's decision on a memo from Rosenstein arguing that the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director mishandled aspects of the probe into Hillary Clinton's email use.

Former cabinet minister Kapil Mishra on hunger strike, attacked by AAP member

Demanding that Aam Aadmi Party leaders disclose details of funding of their foreign trips, fired Delhi Minister Kapil Mishra began a hunger strike May 10. "I am on a hunger strike and this attacker jumped on me". "I will continue to sit on hunger strike till details of worldwide travel expenses of five AAP leaders are shared", Mishra said.

Kremlin says feels "cautious optimism" after Trump meeting with Lavrov

Lavrov's unheralded meeting with Trump Wednesday made waves because it was closed to the White House press corps while a photographer with the Russian state-owned news agency TASS was allowed in. President Barack Obama's staff frequently adopted a similar policy. The White House released nothing. "Really mad", the friend said. "Deadly serious Q: Was it a good idea to let a Russian gov photographer & all their equipment into the Oval Office?" "No, it was not", David S.

Moon to Xi: Let's Talk

In a 40 minute phone call, which the Blue House says is the first time a Chinese leader has called a newly elected South Korean President to congratulate them on an electoral victory, the two leaders reportedly exchanged "broad opinions" on ROK-China relations and North Korea.

U.S. urges Southeast Asian countries to intensify pressure on DPRK

Security Council resolutions and, most importantly, deny North Korea the revenue streams it has used to advance its provocative programs..." US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson urged Asean foreign ministers on Thursday to do more to help cut funding streams for North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes and to minimise diplomatic relations with Pyongyang.