'Jindal, Nawaz meet part of back-channel diplomacy'

Pakistan's government informed military authorities that Mr Sharif's hour-long meeting with Mr Jindal was a part of back-channel diplomacy. The military leadership also took its officials into confidence on the meeting. The meeting immediately sparked speculation that Jindal may have been involved in efforts to revive the stalled dialogue between the two countries.

Turkey Angered by US Decision to Arm Syrian Kurds

Mattis met in London with Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim on the sidelines of a security conference on Somalia a day after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the us of siding with terrorists by giving small arms, ammunition , mortars and shoulder-fired weapons to the Syrian-Kurdish YPG, or People's Protection Units.

Bye-bye Blue House as S. Korean leader shuns imperial home

The eldest son of North Korean refugees who fled south in 1950 at the height of the Korean War, Moon grew up in poverty, and like many of his generation spent his student days actively protesting against the authoritarian government of Park Chung-hee who dominated the country from 1961 to 1979.

The cognitive dissonance of Maxine Waters

The cognitive dissonance of Maxine Waters

Hayes had previously asked her what she would do if she were Speaker of the House in a Democratically-controlled Congress. Waters suggested that Trump could be "charged with obstruction of justice". So, now that Trump has fired Comey, where does Waters stand on what should have happened to the ex-FBI chief? "I've said all along that he would lead us to impeachment and he's doing just that".

Workers Take Jefferson Davis Statue Off Its Pedestal In New Orleans

South. A New Orleans city worker wearing body armor and a face covering as he measures the Jefferson Davis monument on May 4, 2017 in New Orleans . "I am here to witness this debacle, taking down this 106-year-old handsome monument", said Pierre McGraw, president of the Monumental Task Committee, which restored the statue as one of its first projects 29 years ago.

Penn State frat brother says others dismissed pleas to call 911

Penn State frat brother says others dismissed pleas to call 911

Davis said he thought he should be at a hospital instead, and told his new frat brothers so. "For anyone looking across the national landscape, you realize that we have a national problem that is associated with excessive drinking", Barron said.