Comey to Colleagues: 'It Is Done, and I Will Be Fine'

Didn't Hillary Clinton , Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi all say that he was doing a bad job? Perhaps the hypocrisy label would stick better to others if Trump had not praised Comey when it helped his campaign. I'm not going to spend time on the decision or the way it was executed. The White House informed Comey by sending him an email with several documents, including Rosenstein's memo.

North Korea demands handover of suspects in assassination plot

The new office will "work closely with the intelligence community and the entire United States national security community", the CIA statement said . North Korea seeks to extradite anyone who it believes was involved in the attempted murder of Kim Jong-un last month. He added that the announcement of the center, coinciding with the election of a less-hardline South Korean President who is likely to pursue at least some form of diplomacy with Seoul's belligerent neighbor to the north, was ...

Secretary Tillerson Chairs 10th Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting

The Arctic is warming at double the rate of the rest of the planet, with average temperatures up 3.5 degrees Centigrade since the beginning of the 20th century, leading to rapid loss of glacial ice and permafrost. "Its long-term use must not become a matter of debate or even conflict between the Arctic states", he told TASS, commenting on the most recent Arctic Council ministerial meeting.

Syrian Kurds clear mines after taking town, dam from IS

Syrian Kurds clear mines after taking town, dam from IS

US support for the SDF - a multi-ethnic force that includes PKK/PYD elements - has recently brought Turkey's relations with Washington under strain. "The secretary reiterated USA commitment to protecting our North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally", she said in a statement after the talks.

In Final Letter To Staff, Comey Lauds FBI As 'Rock Of Competence'

Trump reportedly turned against Comey after the director publicly confirmed that the FBI was investigating Trump campaign aides and said there was no evidence supporting Trump's claim that President Barack Obama wiretapped him in the run-up to last year's election.