US complains to China about North Korea's attendance at Silk Road summit

China's initiative to build the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road" is meant to strengthen ties with and promote economic development in nations and regions in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. China will continue to pursue an active foreign policy, especially within the Asia-Pacific region, to fulfil its ambitious One Belt One Road initiative, a top USA intelligence official has said.

Comey Requested More Resources for Russia Investigation Days Before Firing

Trump abruptly fired Comey on Tuesday, saying the Federal Bureau of Investigation director's dismissal was vital in restoring "public trust and confidence" in the agency. Priebus and Bannon cautioned Trump against the move, although senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner supported the firing, but sources said the president had already made up his mind and was not interested in debate.

Macron favourite in opinion polls as France elects new president

The bruising contest left the traditional parties of left and right on the sidelines, and the governing Socialist Party in particular is in tatters after the two-round election. The National Front is also gearing up for a name change - if not a makeover of its ideas - after Le Pen's decisive loss. During the campaign she stepped down as party leader in an effort to increase her appeal.

Towards Engagement with North Korea: Implications of the South Korean Presidential Election

Wished him every success and invited him to visit India soon. His position conflicts with that of U.S. President Donald Trump, who seeks to increase pressure on Pyongyang through further isolation and sanctions. The former nuclear negotiator, who appeared in Tokyo as part of a bipartisan delegation of former US officials and members of Congress, said the threat from Pyongyang is real.

Fog lifting over Federal Bureau of Investigation firing?

Fog lifting over Federal Bureau of Investigation firing?

The former official, like many current and former FBI officials interviewed by NBC News , said the bureau was reeling from the Comey firing. Wednesday: "People in the Justice Department made a very strong recommendation, the president followed it and he made a quick and decisive action to fire James Comey".

Comey cites Lynch-Clinton meeting for lost faith in Justice investigation

Trump disagreed, tweeting that Comey actually "was the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton in that he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds!" When he took office, Trump made a decision to keep Comey, who was appointed by President Barack Obama but had also been a registered Republican and worked under President George W.