New S. Korea President to Defuse Tensions

Tensions have been running high with Washington calling for more sanctions and warning a military option was on the table, but Trump recently softened his posture, saying he would be "honoured" to meet the North's leader Kim Jong-Un. South Korea had to look on as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping held their respective talks with Trump. They have already felt the loss from the cooling of ties since the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense ...

Trump to meet with Putin this summer

Mr Trump tweeted the images after the White House had been left fuming when the Russian Embassy published photos of his closed-door meeting with Mr Lavrov, as well as the Russian ambassador in Washington, Mr Sergei Kislyak. Responding to a Twitter question as to whether or not it was a "sound" decision to allow the Russian photographer into the Oval Office, former Deputy CIA Director David S.

South Korea's new leader Moon Jae-in sworn in

Talking to reporters, Suh endorsed Moon's call for a summit meeting with North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, although saying it would be hard for such a meeting to take place soon, considering the tension over the North's nuclear program. "Later, I will go back to my home and become an ordinary citizen", Moon said. India has responded to North Korea's threats by halting all trade, except for food and medicine, with the isolated nation.

North Korea wants South's spy chief extradited over alleged Kim plot

The accusations came amid tensions over the North's nuclear and missile programmes and with Washington considering whether to re-designate Pyongyang as a state sponsor of terrorism. State media said he was involved in the timber industry in Khabarovsk, which is one of the primary places North Koreans can go overseas to work. North Korea's United Nations mission said the organisers infiltrated "the terrorist" into the country with several pieces of satellite communications equipment so he ...

Security questions over Russian photographer allowed into Oval Office

Security questions over Russian photographer allowed into Oval Office

When it turned out that a White House photographer was present there, too, some mass media said the Trump administration was angry these photographs were published openly. Russian President Vladimir Putin requested during a recent phone conversation that Trump meet with Lavrov, the official said. He further asked U.S.