Analysts Showing Optimistic Trends For Office Depot, Inc. (ODP)

Analysts Showing Optimistic Trends For Office Depot, Inc. (ODP)

A beta of greater than 1 indicates that the security's price will be more volatile than the market. It represents a security's price that, if achieved, results in a trader recognizing the best possible outcome for his investment. Moving average is significant analytical tool used to discover current price trends and the possibility for a change in an established trend. Moving averages can be very helpful for identifying peaks and troughs.

Ivanka Trump hears groans as she defends father in Berlin

Ivanka Trump dismissed the idea that her father was influenced in his decision to authorize a strike against Syria because of her reaction to the chemical attack there days prior that killed dozens. "Thank you, chancellor, for your very gracious invitation. I'm listening; I'm learning". Ms Trump was invited to the conference by Chancellor Angela Merkel (right).

Anxious for win, Trump and Republicans revive health care push

After an embarrassing health care defeat last month, Trump has suddenly heaped pressure on congressional Republican leadership by saying he expects a vote on a revived version of the bill "next week or shortly thereafter". Democratic support will be needed to pass the spending measure, and Republicans fear taking the blame if the government shuts down on their watch. The White House has been pushing for a deal on health care since the GOP bill was pulled from the House floor just prior ...

Former Trump adviser Flynn likely broke law with Russian Federation trip: lawmakers

Graham said he's repeatedly warned against partisanship in trying to determine how Russian Federation tried to influence the election. The saga over likely criminal wrongdoing by Michael Flynn took another turn for the freaky today when Congressman Jason Chaffetz told MSNBC host Greta Van Susteren that the fault lay with former President Barack Obama.

Footage shows moment United States military dropped 'Mother Of All Bombs' in Afghanistan

Footage shows moment United States military dropped 'Mother Of All Bombs' in Afghanistan

Afghan defence ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said no civilians were harmed in the massive blast that targeted a network of caves and tunnels that had been heavily mined. But former President Hamid Karzai accused the USA of using Afghanistan as "a testing ground for new and risky weapons". US and Afghan troops went on the offensive against the local Islamic State branch in March, even as they continue to battle a Taliban insurgency in the rest of the country.

U.S. warns Iran over inciting instability

Mr Tillerson said the U.S. is conducting a comprehensive review of its Iran policy and added that the Obama-era nuclear deal only "delays" Tehran's goal of becoming a nuclear state. Iran has yet to comment on the Trump administration's review, but Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei warned in November that Tehran would retaliate if the United States breached the nuclear agreement.