Pope arrives at Fatima

Every Catholic diocese and Eastern-rite eparchy in Pennsylvania will be dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary this year, as the Catholic bishops of the commonwealth approved at their provincial meeting May 1. In Fatima, Mary taught the three children how to pray the Rosary properly, because they were used to saying just the first words of each prayer. The Catholic Church doubted their story, too.

Singaporean leaders congratulate new South Korean president Moon Jae

But challenging Washington over THAAD might be hard for Moon. During the campaign, Moon opposed the deployment of the THAAD anti-missile defense system (though he later reversed himself on it) and said he would go to Pyongyang for a summit to restart inter-Korean dialogue.

Wolff: Hamilton and Bottas can race clean

One that proved that Bottas certainly has what it takes. He started on pole and did not win, but Vettel was still smiling on the podium. The 32-year-old suffered overheating problems as he chased Raikkonen in the first stint of the race and dropped back over the pit-stop period to finish 25 seconds behind the Finn and 36 behind Bottas.

Chaman border tension: 4 km zone declared no-go area

Border Police opened fire on Frontier Corps (FC) personnel detailed for the security of a census team in Chaman. Afghan security forces fired without provocation on Pakistani census workers and soldiers escorting them near the Afghan border, killing one civilian and wounding 18 others, Pakistan's army said Friday.

New S. Korean leader scraps plan for state history books

Moon was part of the South's last liberal government, which pursued a "Sunshine policy" of reconciliation and dialogue with the North, and is widely expected to shift away Park's hardline approach. Apparently, this is not for the first time that Rodong Sinmun has spread the threat against the United States. Moon supports engagement, but this strategy could directly undermine US efforts to maximize pressure on Pyongyang.

North Korea's detention of US citizen 'concerning': White House

North Korea's detention of US citizen 'concerning': White House

According to a statement from the university, Kim Hak-Song was working at PUST's agricultural farm. "When a USA citizen is reported to be detained in North Korea, we work with the Swedish embassy in Pyongyang", a State Department official noted in a statement to Reuters .