Netanyahu's cabinet seeks to downgrade status of Arabic

The goal of the bill is to "protect the status of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people", said a statement from Avi Dichter , a lawmaker from Netanyahu's Likud Party. Palestinians say accepting Netanyahu's call could deny Palestinian refugees of past wars any right of return. Others, such as Arab legislator Ayman Odeh, have been more blunt in their criticism.

Trump, South Korea's Moon agree to cooperate on North Korea

Solid national security comes from strong national defense power. "In order to bring about peace and security on the Korean Peninsula I will do everything that I can", he said . When the conservatives took control, the "Sunshine Policy" was abandoned for more hard-line policy options. The paper also called on South Korea and the stop conducting joint military exercises.

Brazilian boy's survival of brain injury is Fatima 'miracle'

Brazilian boy's survival of brain injury is Fatima 'miracle'

The father of a Brazilian boy who recovered at lightning speed after a serious fall on Thursday recounted what he called a "miracle" brought about by two child shepherds in Portugal's Fatima. He later donated the bullet extracted from his abdomen to the Fatima shrine, a move described by Manicardi as "an extreme gesture of popular piety".

China's Xi Discusses Nuclear Issue With New S. Korean President

China's foreign ministry made no direct mention of the anti-missile system in its statement about the discussions. Bush had declared North Korea part of an "axis of evil" along with Iraq and Iran, ditching the engagement policy he inherited from President Bill Clinton.

Uncertainty Surrounds Senate Obamacare Repeal Plan

They promised more options in the market; a lie that's become more apparent as health insurance providers flee the Obamacare market places, leaving some states with only one or two insurance providers, and in some areas, none. "Our focus has always been on bringing down the cost of health insurance, ensuring access to quality care, and protecting those with pre-existing conditions ", Black, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, said .

Visiting Russian foreign minister, asked about Comey firing: 'You're kidding!'

Visiting Russian foreign minister, asked about Comey firing: 'You're kidding!'

Meeting with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Lavrov trolled the press corps by sarcastically asking if Comey was sacked while exclaiming "you're kidding". Normally, such White House meetings are reserved for heads of state. "He's speaking to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador Kislyak-who's the one who Michael Flynn got fired for talking to", Behar said , discussing Trump's meeting.