Le Pen Accused of Plagiarism for Lifting Parts of Fillon Speech

Le Pen Accused of Plagiarism for Lifting Parts of Fillon Speech

Elsewhere in Europe, a small group of Italian demonstrators clashed with police as they tried to break through a police barrier in the northern city of Turin. Le Pen, who hopes to mimic Donald Trump's populist electoral victory, compared Macron to Hillary Clinton. She claimed that his pro-business policies would not serve French workers.

CIA Opens South Korea Mission Center to Address DPRK Threat

In the letter to 192 United Nations members and two observer states - dated Thursday - North Korea urged them to "reconsider any of their implementation activities until the legality of those "sanctions resolutions" are to be clarified". North Korea argued that there would be no need for Washington to "beg or threaten" countries to implement the measures if the sanctions had a clear legal basis.

Sergey Lavrov Wrong Donald Trump Vladimir Putin Have No Meeting

Sergey Lavrov Wrong Donald Trump Vladimir Putin Have No Meeting

During an interview with NBC Nightly News that aired Thursday night, Trump stated he was going to fire Comey even if Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Ron Rosenstein had not recommended a dismissal. According to a New York Times story , Comey was asked by Trump during the dinner for his loyalty. Lavrov said no-one had uncovered "a single shred of evidence" of the supposed interference.

Panel to investigate voter fraud created by executive order

The bipartisan commission being established on Thursday would not be limited to investigating Trump's election fraud claims but would look at issues that had been raised over many years. Trump said the only reason Clinton received more votes was because of illegal ballots being cast. Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit

Officer fatally shoots 15-year-old in Balch Springs

Police were looking for the owners of the house when shots were allegedly heard in the area, creating chaos right before Jordan was shot, according to Balch Springs Police Public Information Officer Pedro Gonzalez. One change to the initial report worth noting said as follows. "The vehicle then pulled forward as the officer continued to approath the vehicle giving verbal commands".

Sri Lanka says no to Chinese submarine docking

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena came to power in January 2015 promising to review Chinese-funded projects signed by his predecessor and rebuild ties with India. Sri Lanka refused permission for a Chinese submarine to dock at Colombo next week after a similar visit in 2014 angered India, a top defense official said Thursday.