NSA cyber weapon behind massive global ransomware outbreak

Security researchers from companies like Avast and Kaspersky estimate as many as 57,000 computers have been affected. "It's important to understand that while unpatched Windows computers exposing their SMB services can be remotely attacked with the "EternalBlue" exploit and infected by the WannaCry ransomware, the lack of existence of this vulnerability doesn't really prevent the ransomware component from working".

Former Charleston Cop Who Killed Walter Scott Pleads Guilty

Former Charleston Cop Who Killed Walter Scott Pleads Guilty

The murder was one of a spate of instances in which a white officer was filmed killing an unarmed black man, and added fuel to the Black Lives Matter movement. He spoke little on Tuesday, except to quietly answer the judge's questions. Prosecutors have recommended that Slager be given a slightly lesser sentence because he took responsibility for his acts, saving the government the time and expense of a trial.

Abbas meeting signals hope for peace with no details

Trump's long-shot effort to bring Middle East peace got off to a rocky start when he appeared to back away from supporting a Palestinian state and vowed to move the USA embassy to Jerusalem, breaking two tenets of American policy held for decades.

Police still questioning Whitehall terror suspect and six held in separate swoop

Police still questioning Whitehall terror suspect and six held in separate swoop

In the aftermath of the attack, armed police were deployed at every gate to Parliament and street patrols were increased. United Kingdom security services have managed to decode the last message sent out by Khalid Masood before he rammed his high-speed auto into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and stabbed to death a police officer at the gates of Parliament on March 22.

Why Was James Comey Fired? President Trump Contradicts His Team

CBS Evening News, citing a source who has spoken with Comey, said on Twitter that Comey hopes there are "lots of tapes". Even an amateur history student would realize that this is precisely how Nixon went down: a member of the White House staff revealed the presence of a taping system, at which point special prosecutor Archibald Cox asked for a subpoena; Nixon refused to turn over the tapes, and then ordered the Saturday Night Massacre when Cox kept demanding them and the Attorney General ...

North Korea parliament writes to US Congress to protest new sanctions

North Korea's parliament sent a rare letter of protest to the U.S. House of Representatives over its new package of tougher sanctions, state media reported Friday. In response, North Korea has voiced readiness to fight off an invasion. In the first direct contact between the top leaders of the two Asian neighours, Moon said that he planned to send a delegation to Beijing to solve the dispute over the deployment of system, which Beijing sees as a strategic threat at the doorstep, while Xi ...