President Trump's Drug Policy: Deliver Stiffest Penalties to Offenders

President Trump's Drug Policy: Deliver Stiffest Penalties to Offenders

Sessions also formally withdrew a signature part of Attorney General Eric Holder's "Smart on Crime" initiative, which sought to target the most serious crimes and reduce the number of defendants charged with non-violent drug offenses that would otherwise trigger mandatory minimum sentences .

Macron fields activists for French legislative elections

If that isn't enough uncertainty for a nation that clings to tradition and history like a shipwrecked sailor to a life raft in shark-infested waters, in one month, voters will return to the polls to choose a new legislature. Macron and his En Marche! movement are unknown quantities. The political consequences of Macron's victory are still being felt, with the Socialists fighting for relevance and the Republicans eager to become the main political force in parliament after the June ...

Moon in calls with China, Japan leaders

Beijing also has its own issues with Seoul . However, rhetoric is easy (Park said much the same thing when she became president in 2013), and Moon will need to lower expectations of an immediate, radical transformation of the country's political and corporate culture - not least because numerous privileges and abuses associated with the country's elites are also to be found more widely distributed throughout society as a whole.

Acting FBI head disputes White House claim Comey had lost staff support

The probe has hung over Trump's presidency since he took office in January and threatens to overwhelm his policy priorities. "He's a showboat. He's a grandstander", Trump told NBC News . Rosenstein ventured to Capitol Hill to speak with members of the Senate panel. FBI officials have questioned Trump's claims, and the agency' acting director, Andrew McCabe, on Thursday said such assurances about the scope of an ongoing counterintelligence investigation would not be "standard practice".

I was going to fire that 'showboat' no matter what

Soon after he was inaugurated, President Trump asked FBI Director James Comey to pledge his loyalty to him, a request that Comey turned down, CBS News' Pat Milton confirmed Thursday, citing a law enforcement source who was told the story by Comey.

Karim Benzema explains his incredible run for Real Madrid goal v Atletico

Karim Benzema explains his incredible run for Real Madrid goal v Atletico

We knew that we would have to dig in, but also that if we remained calm and patient we would get our chances. You can only find out where you are when you play against the best teams. The Bernabeu club already develops more players for Europe's top leagues than nearly any other club, producing fine footballers from their academy whose sales fund the purchases of the next batch of talent.