Schumer, Trump find an unlikely common foe: Canada

Schumer, Trump find an unlikely common foe: Canada

Dairy farmers in both NY and Wisconsin - the nation's top two milk-producing states - say the new Canadian trade policy in effect blocks USA dairy producers from exporting ultra-filtered milk, which is used to make cheese and yogurt, to Canada.

Estimates: Macron, Le Pen advance in France's presidential election

When Macron spoke Sunday, he sought to distance himself from that accusation, despite the fact that Hollande called him Sunday night to congratulate him on qualifying for the second round of voting. Polls in the dying days of the campaign put all the candidates roughly on between a fifth and a quarter of the vote, with around five percentage points or less separating them - threatening the margin of error for polling companies.

Trump seeks corporate tax rate of 15% in plan

Putting in place long-term changes to the tax code would give businesses certainty to help guide their investment decisions, but these sorts of changes to the tax code are much more hard politically as would require bipartisan support. The details of the tax bill are likely to be complicated by the continued uncertainty over healthcare reform, which is now being renegotiated. Although Trump has promised the biggest tax cut in USA history, some economists say that can not be achieved without ...

Thousands at Auschwitz for yearly Holocaust memorial event

In January, on global Holocaust Remembrance Day, a Trump administration statement failed to mention Jews, the overwhelming majority of those who were killed in concentration camps under Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. However, Netanyahu said, "amid the darkness" there are some "points of light". Approximately 189,000 Holocaust survivors live in Israel, of whom 45,000 live under the poverty line, according to data released by the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Survivors.

12-year-old to make MMA debut against woman twice her age

12-year-old to make MMA debut against woman twice her age

WMMA Rankings has the details. In the amateur rules for DEEP JEWELS , striking to the head on the ground is not allowed. The silver lining is that both women will be wearing headgear and strikes to the head of a grounded opponent are not legal.

Top US general says "not refuting" reports Russia supplying Taliban

The militants reportedly used rocket-propelled grenades and rifles, and also detonated several suicide vests that were packed with explosives. "Defence Minister Abdullah Habibi and Army Chief of Staff Qadam Shah Shahim stepped down with immediate effect", the presidential palace announced in a post on its Twitter account.