May Is Britain's new prime minister after Cameron's resignation

Philip Hammond, the former Foreign Secretary, has been made the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Amber Rudd is Home Secretary, and Eurosceptic David Davis has been made the new Brexit secretary. "There is a massive difference between leaving the European Union and [leaving] our relations with Europe, which if anything I think is going to be intensified and built-up at an intergovernmental level", Johnson said.

Cable TV services, internet suspended in Jammu & Kashmir as curfew continues

Shops of grocery merchants to business organisation were kept close since July 9. Pakistan also briefed the ambassadors of African and Middle Eastern countries over the tense situation in Kashmir. However the government appeared to be unaware of the historically significant day. The gag is expected to continue on Tuesday. Reuters reports on the imposition of the curfew in Kashmir.

Turkish Interior Ministry fires 9000, detains others after failed coup

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he would approve the revival of the death penalty in Turkey if the Turkish parliament opts to reintroduce the measure. Erdogan has even talked of reinstating the death penalty, which Turkey got rid of in 2004 as part of its efforts to join the European Union. "Only in European Union countries is there no capital punishment", Erdogan said.

India lifts ban but Kashmir papers not printing amid unrest

State government spokesman and Education Minister Nayeem Akhtar had said Friday the ban was aimed at "saving lives and strengthening peace efforts". The largest street protests in recent years in India's portion of Kashmir erupted last week after Indian troops killed the popular young leader of the largest rebel group fighting against Indian rule in the region.

Turkey widens post-coup purge, demands United States hand over cleric

He has shaken up the government, cracked down on dissent, restricted the media and renewed fighting with Kurdish rebels. According to the Daily Sabah, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim was also the target of an assassination or capture attempt but managed to escape .

Turkey engaging in 'witch hunt' on judiciary after coup attempt, analysts say

Turkey is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation alliance and is a key partner for the coalition fighting against ISIS. Even long-standing critics of President Erdogan made it perfectly clear that they denounced the plot. Why did the putschists - knowing that Erdogan was neither in Ankara nor Istanbul but instead spending his vacation in the Mediterranean seaside town of Marmaris - not move to detain him?...