Trump on Comey 'tapes': 'I can't talk about that'

Press secretary Sean Spicer rejected U.S. media reports that the president sounded out Mr Comey at a private White House dinner in January. Describing himself as a very active President, Trump explained that at time it become very hard for his surrogates to explain things with ideal accuracy to reporters at the news conference.

After UNESCO vote, Israel cuts another $1m from UN budget

Speaking at a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Netanyahu said , "UNESCO again accepted an absurd resolution yesterday about the status of Jerusalem ", warning that what he called the agency's "systematic harassment has a price". Speaking at a Cabinet meeting Wednesday, Netanyahu says Israel will not sit idly by as a United Nations organization tries to negate its sovereignty in Jerusalem .

United States support of Syrian Kurds harms our strategic relations - Erdogan

Thus, the SDF was created. "Others said that the women and girls were sold to merchants from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other countries", the report added. Yesterday, Recep Erdogan threatened to attack the YPG, the Syrian Kurd force that on which the USA will rely for the advance on the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa.

Trump still in denial Russian ambassador attended White House meeting

Alexandr Scherbak, who shot the meeting for Russian state news agency TASS, posted a lengthy message on Facebook urging U.S. journalists "not to lose their professional dignity". "We later learned that the White House - by their own admission - was misled", Brennan said. Kislyak was also absent from the original scheduling of the meeting and went similarly unmentioned in the White House's readout of the meeting.

US Navy SEAL killed in Somalia

US Navy SEAL killed in Somalia

Milliken was a member of SEAL Team 6 for many years, according to a statement released by Rep. Chellie Pingree. "U.S. forces are assisting partner forces to counter al-Shabaab in Somalia to degrade the al Qaeda affiliate's ability to recruit, train and plot external terror attacks throughout the region and in America".

How to REALLY Make Your Mom's Mother's Day the Best Ever

They meant so much; we particularly needed them if you scolded us that day for the troubles we caused. Every time you have defied all the odds and made it work, this hooray is for you . My children have fond memories of Grandma, though they were quite young when she passed, but they've learned about her through me. "Consumers are planning to open up their wallets a little bit more to celebrate the women with the most important jobs in the world on Mother's Day ", Prosper Insights & ...