FTW Explains: Everything you need to know about fidget spinners

FTW Explains: Everything you need to know about fidget spinners

It was designed for people who have certain sensory needs, where playing with something like a fidget spinner can help one focus. If you have a middle school age child in your household chances are you know what fidget spinners are. Now, kids who don't have ADHD made a decision to start spinning. Others say the trinkets are a way to help kids improve their memory and focus on their school work .

Trump says he did not ask Comey for his loyalty

The president's press secretary, deputy press secretary, counselor Kellyanne Conway, and Vice President Mike Pence all got on the board with the same message: that the president fired Comey only because the Justice Department told him to and that it had nothing to do with the FBI's Russian Federation investigation.

Indonesia to disband Islamic group Hizbut

Indonesia to disband Islamic group Hizbut

Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo said on Wednesday (10/05) the government is ready to dismantle Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia, or HTI, on strong evidence that activities and pronouncements by the hardline Muslim organization directly contravene values enshrined in state ideology Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

People's Climate March calls for change across the country

A Gallup poll this month showed 59 percent of Americans agreed environmental protection should take priority over increased USA energy production. In addition, the overnight temperature in D.C. President Donald Trump's 100th day in office is being marked with protests across the United States . The climate demonstration is the latest in a series of protests against the new administration.

Trump contradicts his own White House on reasons for Comey firing

In fact, NBC's Ken Dilanian reports, Comey would even welcome such evidence. "And the former senior FBI official said Comey would never have told the president he was not under investigation - also contradicting what Trump said". After Mr Comey's dismissal, many have wondered about the timing and whether or not it might have had something to do with the FBI's investigation into the Trump campaigns ties to Russian Federation.

Israel criticizes United Nations cultural agency resolution on Jerusalem

In fact, it's yet another in a series of UNESCO resolutions denying any Israeli connection to, e.g., the Temple Mount. "Israel does not need approvals from political bodies to connect the unshakable historical connection to our eternal capital, a connection that is over 3,000 years old and cries out from each and every stone in this city", Hotovely said .