Trump puts Bannon at arm's length

Trump puts Bannon at arm's length

Flynn was interviewed by the FBI in the early days of the Trump administration about the conversations and his ties to Russian Federation are now under investigation. Storm clouds are gathering over the White House, and its resident lightning rod, Steve Bannon , might be in trouble. One senior White House official told CNN's Jim Acosta some are anxious Bannon will turn Breitbart against Trump if he leaves the White House.

New poll shows utterly demoralizing news for Democrats and Clinton supporters

According to the poll's results, if the elections were to be held again today, Trump will most likely retain his supporters while Hillary only has 85 percent of her voters willingly voting for her again. But, when asked for whom they would vote now the answer was Trump (43%) and Clinton (40%). But that's been dwarfed by the failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a Republican health plan and ongoing questions about Russia's interactions with the Trump ...

French elections: Macron and Le Pen in second round runoff

Due to French electoral legislation and in order to protect our source, we cannot disclose the technical details of this investigation. "A man nobody knew, a very young man, this is incredibly American, this is absolutely not French", he said.

How Will NY's Free College Tuition Program Work?

It is learned the state's Excelsi or Scholarship program's income cap will increase next year to $110,000 and thereafter in 2019 to $125,000. These initiatives build on the governor's commitment to making college affordable for all students in the Empire State, including the nation-leading "Get On Your Feet" Loan Forgiveness Program, which allows eligible college graduates living in NY to pay nothing on their student loans for the first two years out of school.

Syria still has chemical weapons says United States defence secretary

Syria still has chemical weapons says United States defence secretary

Former President Barack Obama said the use of chemical weapons was a "red line", but did not order a strike on Syria following alleged uses of chemical weapons after he issued the statement. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has told U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that Russia regrets U.S. opposition to Russian inspectors taking part in an investigation into a chemical weapons attack in Syria.

Schumer says budget talks must be two-way street

A series of legislative and symbolic deadlines come to a head this week in Washington amid a slew of polling that suggests President Donald Trump is historically unpopular at this early moment in his White House. Senate Democratic sign-off on spending is crucial because the deal will need 60 votes to overcome the threat of a filibuster. A senior administration official said there is now less pressure to get a vote to repeal and replace Obamacare this week.