BC has first minority government in 65 years

Tuesday. The final results of British Columbia's election are still not in, but already experts are predicting an unstable government that is unlikely to last a full four-year term. If the results hold, the Green party would hold the balance of power in the Legislature with its historic three-seat victory. Weaver said negotiations on what his party's role would be would begin Wednesday.

Arkansas flags lowered to honor slain deputy

An earlier version of this story was corrected to show the deaths happened about 65 miles west of Little Rock, not 170 miles west. Bowden had been barricaded inside a residence on a rural road in Yell County with a woman who may have been a hostage, Arkansas Police spokesman Bill Sadler told a news conference.

More than 80 girls are freed in a Boko Haram prisoner swap

The national president of Christian Association of Nigeria Youth wing (YOWICAN), Engr Daniel David Kadzai, yesterday, commended the federal government for their efforts in the release of about 82 abducted Chibok schoolgirls. Nigeria's presidency has released the names of the 82 Chibok schoolgirls newly freed from the Boko Haram extremists. So far, with the latest release, 163 of the girls have been reunited with their parents, leaving about 113 still in the terrorists den.

PM invites new president of South Korea to India

PM invites new president of South Korea to India

Mr Moon called for "dialogue along with sanctions and pressure" on the North, Mr Yoon said, and - echoing the United States' line - suggested that Beijing should do more to tame Pyongyang. North Korea, as of Thursday morning, had yet to comment officially on Moon's election, but experts say there's no reason for it to dislike his win.

China, Turkey to strengthen cooperation under Belt and Road Initiative

In Kathmandu, China's Ambassador to Nepal Yu Hong appeared aware of such criticism and described the plan as a "symphony performed by an orchestra" not China's "solo show" in a short speech at the signing ceremony. Since 2014, China has launched a series of cultural events including the Silk Road International Arts Festival, the Marine Silk Road International Arts Festival and the Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo to promote cultural communication among Belt and Road countries.

Obama unveils plans to build presidential center in Chicago

Obama unveils plans to build presidential center in Chicago

Earmarked as the location for The Barack Obama Presidential Center is Jackson Park, with the expectation of opening in 2021. "The Obamas want to create a safe, warm, inviting place that brings people in, teaches them something new, and inspires them to create change in their own communities", Obama Foundation Chair Marty Nesbitt said during a roundtable presentation with more than 300 Chicago citizens.