Turkey's failed coup: What we know

As the ramification of the coup attempt on the Turkish politics, Erdogan moves to a more suitable environment for achieving his ambition to turn the system of Turkey into executive presidency with extended powers, he said . The post-coup deterioration in relations was signaled when Turkey halted US bombing operations against the Islamic State from Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey.

Kerry to Turkey: Send us evidence, not allegations on Gulen

Kerry to Turkey: Send us evidence, not allegations on Gulen

Some four hours later, a group within the military announced it had seized control of Turkey and that the country was now under martial law. Turkey's education ministry has revoked the licenses of 21,000 teachers working in private institutions, an official at the ministry told Reuters on Tuesday, part of an expanding government crackdown.

Black Lives Matter chapter starting up in Savannah

Rob George said this, "The movement was started to hold an agency of the government responsible". Cuomo: What is your response to the idea that the hashtag shouldn't be " Black Lives Matter ", it should be "All Lives Matter"? "When we were marching down Oxford St., a lot of the bus drivers were beeping and putting their fists up in support of the people".

All 84 killed in Nice truck attack are identified

A neighbour and her young daughter said he lived a reclusive life, failing to respond when they said hello. The latest arrests, of an Albanian couple who have not been identified, were on Sunday morning, French judicial sources say. "He made more than 80 families grieve, and stained the reputation of our town and our country". CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer said Bouhlel was employed as a truck driver and was known to the police before his rampage.

Melania Trump's Speechwriter Reveals Truth Behind Plagiarism Scandal

She said Melania Trump had read passages from Michelle Obama's speech to the 2008 Democratic National Convention over the phone to her as examples. Charles Moran , a Republican political strategist and the Immediate Past Chairman of the California Log Cabin Republicans , an organization representing gay conservatives and their allies; he is a Trump delegate for California's 44th district which includes South Los Angeles.