Trump sees 'fast' decision over new Federal Bureau of Investigation director

Comey has recounted to others, he told Mr. Trump that he would always be honest with him, but that he was not "reliable" in the conventional political sense". Cornyn, the number two Republican in the Senate, served as Texas attorney general before his election to the Senate in 2002. While the Watergate burglary eventually led to the appointment of an independent prosecutor, initially, the Justice Department's criminal division handled the investigation.

South Korea says North Korea launched possible ballistic missile

Two missile tests last month both failed, with the rockets exploding just minutes into flight. Weapons experts and government officials believe the North has accomplished some technical progress with those tests. "To say "under right conditions" basically means they won't talk now", said Shin Beomchul, a professor at Korea National Diplomatic Academy. In a show of force at a time of rising tensions with the US, North Korea has showcased its new missile arsenal to the world.

Bank of England poised to readjust growth outlook

Bank of England poised to readjust growth outlook

At the press conference that followed the BoE's policy announcement, Governor Mark Carney blamed the slowdown in consumption on the wage squeeze that's being felt by British households as a result of the higher inflation brought on by sterling's depreciation since the Brexit referendum.

USA to send delegation to China's Belt and Road summit

China will seek to build on its hosting of the G20 Summit in Hangzhou in September 2016, its "One-Belt, One-Road" initiative, and progress on launching the Asia infrastructure investment Bank to increase its global presence on worldwide economic issues, he told the lawmakers.

Indian-origin doc warned against UK health service cyber-hack

The ransomware, called "WannaCry", locks down all the files on an infected computer and asks the computer's administrator to pay in order to regain control of them. Even though the recently leaked set of the agency's tools and known vulnerabilities has been fixed by Microsoft by the time it was made public, lax updating practices among users still lead to significant issues; e.g.