North Korea warns US against provocative action

North Korea warns US against provocative action

Choe Ryong Hae said President Donald Trump was guilty of "creating a war situation" on the Korean Peninsula by dispatching USA forces to the region. A United States attack on a Syrian airfield this month raised questions about President Donald Trump's plans for reclusive North Korea, which has conducted several missile and nuclear tests in defiance of UN and unilateral sanctions.

North Korea says don't mess with us as U.S. plans next move

The United Nations Security Council also blasted Pyongyang's latest move, condemned the nation's latest failed missile test in a statement Thursday that also demanded the government not conduct any more nuclear tests. Despite this weekend's missile failure, last month, the country launched four ballistic missiles more than 600 miles. US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said yesterday North Korea's rhetoric was provocative, but he had learnt not to trust it.

Britain's main opposition gears up for June 8 elections

Mr Corbyn however, said that by not playing by the establishment rules Labour can win the election on June 8 . The opening salvos from the party leaders came as it emerged that while the PM is refusing to appear in head-to-head TV debates with her rivals, she may agree to other formats.

Abe, Pence urge Beijing to do more on North Korea

Here's the ABC News report on Pence's address on the Ronald Reagan , along with a final question: where does the misdirection involving the USS Carl Vinson task group fit into this new strategy? Reclusive North Korea regularly threatens to destroy Japan, South Korea and the United States and has shown no let-up in its belligerence after a failed missile test on Sunday, a day after putting on a huge display of missiles at a parade in Pyongyang.

Without O'Reilly, Fox News Faces Its Toughest Test

In a statement Wednesday on O'Reilly's behalf, attorney Marc Kasowitz called the allegations a "brutal campaign of character assassination'". The New York Times reported earlier this month that five women had received cash settlements either from the corporation or from O'Reilly totaling $13 million in return for not pursuing litigation or simply keeping their mouths shut.

Paris Shooting to Impact French Presidential Election

The IS claim raised initial concerns that a possible second attacker could be on the loose. Mr Molins said Cheurfi had been detained by police in February for threatening police officers but had been freed due to lack of evidence. "Today fundamentalist Islam is waging war and. the measures are not being taken to limit the risks", she is quoted as telling French radio station RFI.