Prosecutors Seek Two Years Probation For Ahok, Downgraded Blasphemy Charge

The turbulent campaign featured rallies led by a hardline Islamist movement, which has strengthened in recent years. Analysts said Ahok's loss will encourage the use of religion in Indonesian elections as a political tool. Opponents seized their moment past year when a video surfaced of Ahok telling voters they were being deceived if they believed a specific verse in the Qur'an prohibited Muslims from electing a non-Muslim as leader.

Paris mosque urges Muslims to follow 'path of hope' by voting Macron

In a tweet, Ms Le Pen said she had taken leave from her role as leader of the National Front and was now only the presidential candidate. She then launched into an at times rambling reply, insisting it was the sight of European Union and French flags carried by Macron supporters that she had referred to in her tweet and described as the "hope and future", rather than Macron himself, who will face Le Pen in the May 7 runoff .

Australian visa 457: Indians IT workers make up almost 16% of applicants

Australia has seen the rise of nationalist, anti-immigration politics with far-right wing parties such as One Nation garnering strong public support, while the popularity of Turnbull's ruling centre-right government has been languishing. According to reports, all applicants will be asked to pass a stand-alone English test which involves reading, writing and listening while individuals will also be questioned about their views on cultural concerns, such as their views about women and marriage.

Syrian regime still possesses chemical weapons: Pentagon

Syrian regime still possesses chemical weapons: Pentagon

Russia , a top Assad ally, has asserted a Syrian government air strike hit a rebel chemical weapons factory, causing the disaster. The US responded to the Khan Sheikhoun attack by launching air strikes on a Syrian military airfield. "America has no better friend than Israel", Prime Minister Netanyahu said in a statement ahead of his meeting with Mattis in Jerusalem. USA officials said the Syrian aircraft that conducted the attack took off from Shayrat airfield.

Police injured in protests against right-wing AfD party congress

The AfD ended a fractious party conference yesterday at which delegates refused even to discuss plans by Frauke Petry, the party's outgoing leader, to move closer to the mainstream. Merkel is seeking a fourth term after almost 12 years in power and her conservative Christian Democrats are now leading the polls. But given the long shadow still cast by Germany's Nazi past, Petry has argued the AfD must make itself more palatable with a more moderate-sounding "middle-class" platform she will ...