Jake Tapper: Why Is Trump 'Still Tweeting' About the Election, Popular Vote?

Jake Tapper: Why Is Trump 'Still Tweeting' About the Election, Popular Vote?

Every president in USA history has had a different way of handling executive orders. When explaining his justification for the military strike, Trump said he had been moved by the horrendous images of Syrians - particularly infants - who had died and been injured from the attack that dominated television broadcasts at the time .

German crowd hisses at Ivanka when she defends her dad

Ms Trump told an audience at a conference in Berlin that she is still "rather unfamiliar" with her role as first daughter and adviser. In the wake of a mid-March White House visit characterized by awkward moments - President Donald Trump apparently declined to shake German Chancellor Angela Merkel's hand in the Oval Office and he made an uncomfortable joke about wiretapping on live television - his most trusted adviser, daughter Ivanka Trump , is on her way to Germany.

U.S. Announces Sanctions On 271 Syrians Over April 4 Chemical Attack

The move more than doubles the number of Syrians who have been blacklisted since the Syrian conflict began in 2011, and is one of the largest such actions carried out by the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control to date. banks to freeze the assets of any employees named , and bans American companies from conducting business with them. Last year, President Barack Obama sanctioned an array of companies doing business with the center, and earlier this year, Washington ...

Canadian PM responds to lumber tariffs imposed by the US

Ironically enough, Grassland has also been bankrolling the 5,000 cow factory farm expansion of Cranberry Creek Dairy in Dunn County, Wisconsin to further flood the domestic milk market. The US Government's decision was also criticized by the British Columbia Lumber Trade Council. Walker said Trump talked about his decision to impose new tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber in response.

North Korea ignores Trump, conducts 'massive fire drill'

The nuclear-powered United States submarine USS Michigan also made a port call at Busan in the South on Tuesday in another show of force , while U.S. With North Korea reportedly coming close to owning a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile, the U.S. Trump administration has been ramping up pressure on North Korea and persuading China to join efforts to curb North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.

Drop 'tribal politics': Britain's May takes election fight to Wales

If, as Tony Blair, Lord Mandelson and Open Britain believe, Brexit is the transcendent issue in the 2017 general election, then voters should ascertain the views of the candidates standing in their constituency, weigh their chances of defeating the more Eurosceptic of the mainstream runners and vote accordingly.