US likely to expand airline laptop ban to Europe

The US Department of Homeland Security said on Tuesday it was close to a decision on extending to Europe an existing ban imposed on eight countries , as the busy summer transatlantic travel season looms. "Why are laptops the target of such a ban despite the United States' investment in airport security and screening procedures?" "It's not like losing your water bottle or your scissors".

Melissa McCarthy, Alec Baldwin return to 'SNL'

Melissa McCarthy once again brought comic spice plus Spicer to "Saturday Night Live". Later on in the sketch, McCarthy's Spicer meets with Baldwin's Trump at his New Jersey golf club, where the pair embrace and kiss. Had Trump been feeding him lies? Bobby Moynihan , playing New York Times correspondent Glenn Thrush, wanted to know if the firing of the FBI's director, James Comey , had anything to do with his investigation into Russian Federation.

Crude Prices Higher on US Stocks Draw

But probably to bring back confidence in the oil market, Saudi Arabia and Russian Federation - the two pillars of OPEC and non-OPEC oil producers - hinted at an extension of output cuts in 2018. "U.S. tight crude output is expected to rise rapidly and increase by 600,000 bpd in 2017", OPEC said, using anther term for shale. Notably, U.S. crude production continued to climb, rising to 9.31 million bbl/d, from 9.29 million bbl/d the week earlier.

GOP Health Plan Doesn't Address the Biggest Health Care Problems

If the Senate passes a version of the AHCA that doesn't exactly match the Representatives version, it then goes to a "conference committee" of senior members from both houses to create a compromise bill that must also pass both full houses.

Deadly unrest grips Venezuela as students rally

Deadly unrest grips Venezuela as students rally

Similar rallies were also held in several other cities. Triple-digit inflation and widespread hunger after two decades of socialist rule have led to protests and street battles, and dozens have been killed in clashes over the past month. In response to the crisis, the 54-year-old successor to Hugo Chavez is setting up a super body known as a "constituent assembly" with powers to rewrite the constitution, shake up public powers, and potentially replace the legislature.

Did The Kushners Really Tell Chinese Investors They Could Get A Visa?

To sweeten the deal, they advertised the EB-5 investor immigrant visa program, which allows foreign investors to apply to immigrate to the United States if they invest substantial amounts of money in projects that create jobs domestically. At a press briefing, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Jared Kushner has no involvement in the project. It said that the One Journal Square project will provide $180 million in tax revenue and 4,000 construction jobs.