White House presses Russian Federation on N. Korea missile test

The nature of the launch is still being determined, but analysts have said the test could suggest a longer range than previously tested devices. Guam is home to Andersen Air Force Base, through which the US Air Force rotates heavy bombers including B-1s, B-2s and B-52s.

Erdogan highlights Turkey's role as "crossroad" of continents in supporting B&R Initiative

He said China will provide assistance worth 60 billion yuan (USD 8.7 billion) to developing nations and worldwide organizations participating in the Belt and Road initiative to launch more projects to improve people's well-being. Leaders from 29 countries are attending the forum, which ends on Monday. Some of China's most reliable allies and partners will attend the forum, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen ...

Turkish military convoy moves closer to Syrian Kurds

Turkish military convoy moves closer to Syrian Kurds

The SDF, which includes Arab fighters, seized six neighborhoods from Daesh militants in Tabqa Sunday, according to the affiliated Hawar news agency. The YPG is a close US ally in the theatrical fight against the Islamic State (whose real goal is destabilizing the Assad regime); it is seen by Ankara as a terrorist group because of its ties to Turkey's Kurdish rebels.

Le Pen a threat to EU?

Le Pen a threat to EU?

Liberation said it would publish a 16-page anti National Front (FN) special edition on Tuesday. Fillon has called for his supporters to back her centrist rival, Emmanuel Macron . "I refuse to be part of a generation of progressive Europeans who could prevent Marine Le Pen from winning the French presidency, but did not do so", Varoufakis wrote.

Pentagon chief Mattis questions Syria 'Safe Zones'

The United States is not party to the de-escalation agreement. Japan and Sweden have requested a UN Security Council meeting, likely to be held this week, to obtain specific details on how the zones will work. Otherwise, forced movements are prohibited and may be war crimes, he said. Local "reconciliation" deals that the government is pursuing with rebels were an alternative to that process, he said.

US Senate Intelligence Chair Says 'No Evidence' Yet of Trump-Russia Collusion

Comey , who had been leading an investigation into alleged ties between the Trump presidential campaign and Russian Federation, was sacked earlier this week. Other candidates include former NY police commissioner Raymond Kelly, former Republican senator Kelly Ayotte, and South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor who headed the Benghazi investigation in the House.