China invites all at Silk Road forum, India decides to keep away

The Chinese-bankrolled One Belt One Road project seeks to link China with Africa, Asia and Europe through an enormous network of ports, railways, roads and industrial parks . President Xi Jinping has painted a rosy picture as he sought to woo countries on board his grand "Belt and Road Initiative" to boost global trade and investment, offering at least 780 billion yuan (US$113 billion) in extra funding for the ambitious plan.

North Korea test-fires ballistic missile

The White House issued a sharp rebuke over the test, saying North Korea had been a "flagrant menace for far too long". Tensions have mounted in recent months after the Trump administration said it would keep "all options on the table" to halt North Korea's nuclear weapons program, including a military strike.

US Defense chief affirms commitment to protecting Turkey

US Defense chief affirms commitment to protecting Turkey

Ilham Ahmed, a top official in the Syrian Democratic Forces' political office, said the decision to provide heavier arms carries "political meaning" and "legitimizes the YPG and the Syrian Democratic Forces". "I hope very much that this mistake will be reversed immediately", said Erdogan. Earlier, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu also denounced the US move, saying "every weapon that reaches the (Kurds') hands is a threat to Turkey".

Conservatives have 15 point lead over Labour - Opinium poll

Mr Corbyn pledged that RAF bombing raids on so-called Islamic State targets in Syria and Iraq would also be immediately reviewed should Labour win the election. Its interviews were carried out before the leak of the Labour manifesto on Wednesday. Corbyn, who opposed the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, said in a speech today at the Chatham House think tank that he supports military action "as a last resort".

White House Again Postpones Meeting on Paris Climate Pact

French President-elect Emmanuel Macron has told his USA counterpart Donald Trump in a telephone call that he will defend the climate change deal agreed in Paris in 2015, his spokeswoman says. US officials plan to meet Tuesday in Washington to discuss whether to withdraw from the Paris deal that Trump has said he would "cancel" - or find a way to back away from emissions targets set by the Obama administration.