Ex-Philippine leader Arroyo freed from years of detention

On Tuesday, in its en banc session, the SC voted 11-4 to acquit Arroyo of plunder and ordered her immediate release from detention after 4 years. Once the Sandiganbayan receives a copy of the "immediately executory" ruling and release order from the SC, Mrs.

Trump demands 'Art of the Deal' ghostwriter return all royalties since 1987

Trump demands 'Art of the Deal' ghostwriter return all royalties since 1987

During that period, Schwartz felt, he had got to know him better than nearly anyone else outside the Trump family. Schwartz said he ended up feeling like he had “put lipstick on a pig” while writing The Art of the Deal and that if he had his druthers, he would retitle it “The Sociopath”.

Oklahoma Republicans disappointed Cruz didn't endorse Trump

Fisher said there would have been no reason for Cruz to throw is support behind Trump. "Frankly, he was the only speech in the convention that was poorly received by the body in the hall", he said. "I can tell you I am not voting for Hillary", said Cruz, who also said he was "watching" other candidates. Cruz did not back down from his non-endorsement on Thursday, saying that "I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father".

Black therapist says police shot him with his hands raised

Three law officers were fatally shot and three others wounded Sunday in Baton Rouge, La., by a shooter whom police also gunned down. "This is what I'm thinking", Kinsey said in an interview from his hospital bed on Wednesday. "Rinaldo, please be still, sit down, lay on your stomach, Rinaldo", Kinsey says on the video. The actual shooting was not recorded, but the victim and his patient are seen sitting on the ground.

Cruz: Not supporting candidate who wages personal attacks

Oklahoma, Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas and Louisiana were the top five states searching for " Ted Cruz booed", according to Google. The political spectacle took a surprising turn when Trump himself made an entrance into the convention hall, waving and shaking hands with the crowd, while Cruz was still speaking.

McConnell unleashes on Clinton, claiming 'nothing will change'

Chris Christie, who had been on the short list as Trump's choice for VP, called Trump not only a "strong leader but a caring, genuine and decent person". 'I am here to tell you Hillary Clinton will say anything, do anything, and be anything to get elected president, ' he said. "It is time to come together and make sure Donald Trump is the next president of the United States".