Can Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen win the French election?

Her far-left rival wants to leave the bloc if some of its rules can't be changed. Those subjects won her her core backing, and she hopes it can give her boost with about 30 percent of voters still undecided. He called concentration camps a "detail" of history and - regarding a Jewish critic - said, "next time we'll put him in an oven". "If we are proud of our history and defend it, then we will integrate foreigners more easily".

Macron Rebuffs Rotonde Critics, Says He Doesn't Assume Victory

France's far-right presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen says she is temporarily stepping down as head of her National Front party. "Now on the way to a vigorous second round, I am hoping for a president Le Pen", said Wilders, whose party produced a disappointing result in the Dutch elections earlier this year.

Judge blocks Trump plan to cut off funds for sanctuary cities

Orrick wrote that the jurisdictions successfully showed they "are now suffering irreparable harm" because the order violates rights granted to states by the Constitution and because, even if the order hasn't been carried out, it has "caused budget uncertainty" simply by threatening to take away hundreds of millions in federal funds.

Trump to sign executive orders on environment, energy

Trump to sign executive orders on environment, energy

A third executive order will establish a Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection in the Department of Veterans Affairs. By Tuesday, bipartisan bargainers reported making progress toward a budget deal to prevent a partial federal shutdown this weekend, after Trump signaled he would put off his demand that the measure include such money.

AOC media man stands down amid bullying allegations

AOC media man stands down amid bullying allegations

Regarding De Jong's complaint, Coates said due process "has been followed with urgency". The AOC board will meet on Wednesday night to discuss the latest developments. According to the Australian Associated Press , the 66-year-old claimed in a letter addressed to the AOC Executive and National Sports Organisations that the accusations were defamatory, false and "maliciously" published.

Trump denies changing position on border wall: 'It will get built'

Democrats have said they would be comfortable with some additional funding for border security and surveillance. "Building that wall and having it funded remains an important priority to him, but we also know that that can happen later this year and into next year", she said.