India skips China's BRF summit ceremony

Created to finance the Belt and Road Initiative, the Silk Road Fund was officially founded in December 2014 and jointly backed by China's foreign exchange reserves, the China Investment Corp., the Export-Import Bank of China (China EximBank) and China Development Bank (CDB).

British local elections give May a boost ahead of key vote

Al Jazeera's Barnaby Phillips, reporting from Westminster, said it was striking that the Conservatives had made gains in Scotland, pushing Labour - once the dominant political force in Scotland - into third place, behind the Scottish National Party and the Conservatives.

Trump throws his hat into Mideast peace process ring

Hamas on Tuesday released a policy document that for the first time indicates a willingness to accept the idea of a Palestinian state within the borders that emerged after the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, although it stops short of recognizing Israel .

Republican Obamacare repeal would hit N.J harder than any other state

And some GOP senators are saying the House bill will be looked at in depth before it comes to a vote. It would not, contrary to some reports, end coverage of pre-existing conditions or kick people off of their insurance. Rep. Chris Collins of NY told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Thursday that he did not read the entire bill. The Society's position is based on the belief that affordable, high-quality health care should be available to all Vermonters and all Americans.